The aim of the OER-CODEX project is to establish three project result types, which are central to obtain a self-sustaining digital education OER pool, with course modules and implementable OER content of digital teaching methods.

First, the methodology to develop OER online course modules will be developed with all partners. It will be freely accessible to all educators who intend to create OER courses to advance the use of digital tools and, as a result, shift education towards the digital era.

Second, 4 cluster of OER online course modules conveying competencies in online collaborative learning, structured along the DigCompEdu framework. Precisely, these modules aim to increase the competency levels of educators form A1 (Newcomer) to B1 (Integrator).

Third, a ready-to-use OER collection of online course modules and its respective OER content. As the course modules are designed to generate OER output collaboratively with the participants in the direction of the taught learning content, the piloting of these courses will generate OER output, which can be published as an OER as well.